Predator vs. Prey

So for no apparent reason today, I got thinking today about the predator versus prey relationship between handlers and their livestock. A very wise man once told me its important that you don’t present yourself as a predator as you enter a group of cattle. For this reason, I believe it’s important to have a presence as you approach the cattle. When you watch any show on the Discovery Channel, the big cat always stalks its prey in a lowered position before pouncing at the last moment. If we approach the cattle in a similar manner, we could have some ugly consequences. 
I think that as we come up to the cattle, it’s important that we make ourselves visible and tell them “Hey, I’m here and I’m in charge.” Body language is the best way to start this dialogue. Stand up tall and tell the cattle you’re here. You don’t want to be the cheetah sneaking around the side. Be confident in your movements. Your confidence will manifest itself in the motion of the cattle. 
The other thing to remember is the cattle should always volunteer their movement. We should never force it. Use their eye to push or pull the head in the direction you want, and parallel movement past the eye to start and stop movement with the animals. Following these tips should help with any cattle handling you need to do


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